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Common Sense Strategies for Protecting Employees and Visitors from Slips and Falls
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Responsible property management calls for keeping an eye on areas that could cause injury to employees or visitors to your facility. Beyond safety, making sure your facility is free of potential slip and fall risks will also protect your company from liability.

To ensure the safety of employees and visitors to your site, flooring surfaces should: 

·      Be clean and free of standing water at all times

·      Be coated with anti-slip conditioner, which can be applied periodically with a mop during routine cleaning

·      Have sufficient matting throughout the premises

Slips and falls account for more than a million accidents each year in the United States, leading to as many as 17,000 deaths annually. When these accidents occur on business-owned property, lawsuits can follow.

Even when a company is found free of liability in these cases, time and resources are required to prove it. Preventing accidents is always a safer, less expensive, more responsible route.

A reasonable way to prevent slip and fall accidents is by installing matting in the following areas of any building: 

·      Inside and outside high-traffic and warehouse entrance points

·      At the top and bottom of stairways, steps and escalators

·      Outside elevators

·      Throughout foodservice areas

·      In front of drinking fountains

·      Transition areas between hard-surface flooring and carpeting

·      In restrooms

Mailender offers equipment and high quality products to keep your facility clean and safe for everyone who works and visits there. Contact our team today to discuss all the ways we can help keep all your flooring spotless and adequately matted.



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