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What Green Cleaning Can Mean for Your School
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Students are headed back to school all over the state this month. Are your school grounds both clean and green this year? If so, you may be eligible for the Green Cleaning Award for Schools and Universities from Healthy Schools Campaign, American School & University magazine and the Green Cleaning Network.

Did you know that 14,000,000 school days are missed every year because of asthma, which is often triggered by poor indoor air quality? Research shows that there is a clear link between poor indoor air quality and student and teacher absences due to illness.

30,000,000 students and staff are exposed to poor indoor air quality from contaminants like lead, asbestos, chemical fumes, pesticides, molds and other toxins every time they enter a school building.

Custodial staff, especially women of child-bearing age, are particularly susceptible to health problems from frequent exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals and unsafe equipment. Green cleaning products and techniques can reduce the risk of injuries and long-term health issues.

But green cleaning programs offer a way to help keep students and staff healthy and productive. If you’re interested in becoming a clean green school or applying for the Green Cleaning Award, here are the steps:

1.    Download the document, Preparing Your School for a Green Cleaning Program. This guide helps administrators understand that green cleaning is more than using eco-safe chemicals.

2.    Plan and prevent. Brainstorm ways you can keep dirt and contaminants out of your school buildings. Once in place, these preventative measures will save time, money and energy.

3.    Select green cleaning products. Mailender has a wide variety of green cleaning products for you to choose from.

4.    Consider your equipment. There are tools available now that can reduce the need for chemical use and keep custodial staff safe from unnecessary exposure.

5.    Put green cleaning procedures in place.  Make reducing general health risks, accommodating highly susceptible individuals and reducing environmental impact part of overall maintenance goals.

Mailender offers equipment and high quality products to keep your school grounds clean and safe for everyone who works and learns there. Contact our team today to discuss all the ways we can help keep your students and staff safe and healthy with green cleaning products and equipment. 


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