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Employees Moving Slowly? Check Your Coffee Supply.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Did you know that more than a third of US workers say they can’t check their email or have a conversation before their first cup of coffee? Many of us understand how difficult it can be to get going in the morning. But with a caffeine boost, mornings can be the most productive time of day in your facility.

Plenty of organizations start early every morning, or have regular breakfast (or even pre-breakfast) meetings. When you ask employees to perform before the sun rises, or if you’re planning an early morning meeting and want lots of attentive listeners, make sure there will be plenty of coffee available.

Even if the majority of your staff will have their first cup of joe before getting to the office, more than half of them will continue to drink coffee throughout the day—on average, three cups before clocking out.

Keeping the break room well stocked is simple and means a lot to employee moral and productivity. In addition to good quality coffee and reliable equipment, be sure to keep cups, lids, stirrers, sugar, and creamer on hand. You can cut down on supply costs by encouraging employees to bring in reusable mugs, but be sure that a cup of coffee still has somewhere to go when the mugs inevitably get left at home.
If you doubt the powerful effect coffee has on the majority of US adults, consider this: when asked if they would rather give up social media or coffee forever, 75% of US employees chose social media over their daily cup (or cups) of coffee.

The Mailender team is no different—we love good coffee. Which is one reason we are always happy to help you make sure your break room is well stocked with everything your staff needs to stay alert all day long. Talk to our knowledgeable staff about supplying your coffee-loving employees with what they need while still sticking to your budget. We’ll be sure to have at least one cup of coffee before you call. 


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