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Snow, Ice and Good Planning
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We’ve been hit hard with winter weather already this year, and most likely, it’s not going to let up anytime soon. If you don’t already have a snow and ice plan for your facility, it’s time to do a little catch up.

Whether you’re protecting shoppers, employees, or residents from slips and falls on icy walkways and in sludgy parking lots, it pays to be proactive.

Incorporate these ideas into your snow and ice plans to keep everyone entering your facility safe and the wonders of winter from being tracked into interiors.

1.    Buy your snow and ice removal equipment early since in years past, demand has been greater than supply. 

Have snow removal equipment such as snow blowers serviced and have de-icing material ready to go so that accessing or exiting your facility isn’t a nightmare after a big storm.

2.    Winterize high-traffic areas of the property and any parts of the facility that will be most affected by winter weather, such as roofs and gutters. 

Gutters need to be cleared before the first snowfall, or they’ll be a bear to deal with when they’re clogged with debris and topped with snow and ice. Not only do you risk damage from water runoff sneaking into walls, but you could also put visitors, residents and staff at risk if snowmelt pools and re-freezes on walkways as a result of improper runoff. 

3.    Remember to insulate. Don’t forget to insulate indoor and exposed pipes, doors, and windows. Insulating pipes will prevent ruptures, and sealing cracks around doors and windows will reduce energy costs.

4.    Mats work wonders. Make sure you have well-placed mats at all entry doors so that no one is inadvertently tracking snow, ice or de-ice material into your facility. This simple step saves your janitorial team extra work and protects visitors and staff from slick surfaces once the snow and ice melt on your clean floors.

At Mailender, we understand how the winter weather can impact your facility, office productivity, and the safety of your team. Talk to our knowledgeable staff about supplying your maintenance team with everything they need to tame the winter weather—at least around your building. 


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