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We deliver paper supplies to suit every customer need. Whether for industrial applications, in-office use, or for school systems and universities, paper supplies from Mailender help customers maintain a clean, healthy, and attractive environment.

Our old-school, client-specific sales approach delivers custom pricing for each end user, rather than the low-quote method employed by others. Our representatives work with clients to find the most efficient, economical solution for the needs of the end-user. With decades of experience, extensive industry knowledge, and a huge array of products, we offer unparalleled customer service and product supply.

Our paper supply solutions include:
With clients from in many different industries, our supply approach is tailored to the needs of each end-user. Depending on the background of the client, paper supply needs may evolve and change. We take pride in being among the best in the paper supplies industry at matching the product to your needs.

Paper Supplies for Offices

For office clients, our paper supplies are designed to be cost-effective in use. Paper products used to maintain and clean offices need to function well for a variety of tasks, and the cheapest solution can lead to higher labor costs and the need for more paper than a higher-quality product that does the job better. Our representatives are trained to collaborate with the you, looking at the office environment to determine which paper supplies will work best for your specific application. This approach ensures that the paper products you purchase will save money in labor- and in-use-costs over the life of the product.

Industrial Paper Supplies

Due to the massive quantity of paper product demanded for industrial applications, we commit to finding the lowest price paper supply products for its industrial clients. With an extremely diverse array of products on offer from a variety of manufacturers, Mailender is in an industry-leading position to offer the lowest price and highest quality paper supplies for client-specific, industrial applications.

School Systems / Universities

Paper supplies for school systems need to perform a variety of functions while satisfying the comfort, health/cleanliness, sanitary, and environmental needs of the end-user. Mailender can not only recommend products that are cost-effective in use and require lower labor costs, but also the products that are easy on the user, and easy on the environment. A wide offering of paper supply products, as well as an extensive knowledge of its product line, allows us to find the best solution for the needs of school systems and universities.

We offer paper supply products from industry-leading manufacturing companies such as Kimberly Clark, Georgia Pacific, Duro, and Wausau Paper. All of our manufacturers have a bulletproof reputation for quality, economy, and customer service, built on years of customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide maximum value to all of our customers, and like the manufacturers of the products we represent, we’ve built a sterling reputation over decades of unparalleled customer service and product supply. When it comes to paper supplies, there is no supplier better than Mailender at producing long lasting customer satisfaction.

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