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No one has a problem with paper towels - until they run out in the restroom or spill something in the office microwave. What's the problem? One paper towel is pretty much the same as another!

Not so! At home, some towels are used for their absorbency and others for their strength. And, people tend to stick with one brand or another for life.

But, businesses, offices, restaurants, hospitals, factories and so on, all use paper towels for specific purposes. One thing purchasing people know is that since the cost of paper has gone up, they are always looking for a towel that is use and cost-appropriate to their needs.

For example, hand towels in restrooms need to be absorbent, but they don't have to be pretty or soft. Restaurants or clubs where there is a little touch of decor or class might like a towel with texture, color, or design. A car wash needs towels with absorbency and staying power. And a medical office or clinic might prefer one with some disinfectant properties.

Useful Tips:

Paper towels made from recycled paper pulp reduces the loss of forest and may come in a little cheaper than others.
  • It is the number of layers or air pockets in a towel that improve the absorbency.
  • Paper towels absorb more than cloth and are disposable unlike cloth towels.
  • Towels sold on continuous roles have fewer layers than other towels, and are, therefore, less absorbent.
  • Color has nothing to do with absorption, but imprinted quilted patterns do.
  • Towels get their strength and resiliency from resins mixed in during the manufacturing process.
Even with the move by many businesses to install air dryers in their restrooms, there is a need for paper towel qualities for wiping surfaces, desk tops, tool bits, keyboards, and the like. (Check out the recycling rating on the container.)

A small office might buy the towel used at home, but the savvy purchasing agent or janitorial service is not going to buy on price or looks alone.  That calls for the help of a wholesale distributor of paper and cleaning supplies, the kind of distributor willing and able to collaborate on development of a purchasing plan that meets the goals identified.

The price you want to pay is the value you see in a product and service. But, sometimes direction and advice are appreciated. That's the time to favor custom and client-specific service!
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