As a regional leader in facility supplies and packaging, our focus is to provide customers with total-cost solutions for a broad range of the products they need to run their business and serve their clients. With decades of customer-centric service, an extensive range of premium product manufacturers, and a customer service team dedicated to client satisfaction, we serve clients in many markets.

Office Environments

Keep your buildings sharp and professional.

Corporate office management and building services teams focus on tenant retention. Maintaining the image of their real estate is critical to retaining their tenants. Mailender solutions cover office environments - front to back - creating healthy workplaces that appear professional and are maintained cost-effectively.

Manufacturing Facilities

Stay clean, safe and productive.

To help industrial clients create and maintain safe and healthy workspaces, we provide everything - from janitorial supplies to safety mats. Our innovative packaging systems and solutions not only save money on packaging supplies but also change the way that products are packaged. Changes in packaging and handling lead to efficiencies, re-engineering packaging or packaging your products in ways that consume less material, integrate green materials, or introduce materials that reduce manufacturer's shipping costs.

Redistribution Centers

Turn inventory.

Mailender offers smaller distributors the same expertise given to our larger client customers. Sharing information and systems helps re-distributors solve their client's problems. It provides them with the training on systems that their business volume does not justify and offers higher levels of support than the re-distributor could offer on their own.

Government Offices

Keep space clean, compliant and efficient.

Tax-payer-funded environments, such as those in the public sector, share unique needs. We are able and positioned to focus on guaranteeing solutions that are compliant with all regulatory frameworks, including offering all necessary Certificates of Compliance and meeting Mil-Spec requirements. Because pricing is always a focus for the public sector, governments find themselves resource-constrained as a result of reduced tax revenue flow. Our one-touch procurement services, getting it right the first time fully in compliance with applicable statutes, regulations and contracts lower the administrative burden, and cost, of doing business with us.

Schools & Universities

Improve sanitation and students will miss fewer days.

School systems - preschool, primary, secondary, and university environments - face the same compliance issues that exist in the government sector. But, there is also a higher demand for healthy environments to reduce absenteeism. Students cannot learn and teachers cannot work if they are sick. Classrooms, dormitories, and washrooms can be hotbeds for contagion without sanitary conditions. We deliver comprehensive sanitary, antiseptic, and hygienic solutions for budget-conscious environments.

Food Service & Restaurants

Remain spotless and pass inspection.

Customers make decisions based on the appearance and cleanliness of your restroom and facility with every visit. What do yours say to your customer? We recognize the hygienic needs of our restaurant and food service customers. In the kitchen, providing hand wash stations and proper dilution of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals can dramatically reduce the risk of food-borne illness. We have a comprehensive, cost-effective set of solutions for floor and facility cleaning, back of house disinfecting and eating area spot cleaning to keep your hungry customers coming back for more.

Healthcare Facilities

Reduce Infection.

As providers and facilities work to improve outcomes and care to a growing population, reducing healthcare-acquired infections has become a growing focus area. Cleaning all surfaces regularly has been shown to be the first step in disinfecting, as it removes organic matter and dirt that interferes with the anti-microbial action of disinfectant. High touch surfaces in patient care areas should receive additional disinfecting cleaning regularly. We understand healthcare sanitation; let us help you maintain quality outcomes for your patients.

Retail and Shopping

Improve cleanliness and appearance.

You never get a second chance to make that first impression. When a customer walks into your business, what do they see? Does your washroom tell them that you value their business, and want them to return? Do your floors, carpets and displays reflect the quality of your products and service? We’ll help make that first impression a positively memorable one.

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