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3 Must-Have Shipping Products to Help Speed Up Packing Process
Posted By:  Mailender Team
Friday, December 22, 2017

3 Must-Have Shipping Products to Help Speed Up Packing ProcessTime is money, and any wasted time dealing with shipping products is cutting into your profits. When your company is launching a new product, all hands should be on deck to make sure that everything is shipping correctly and the process is completed at a steady pace.

It is important not only to have dedicated workers on-hand but also the right products and accessories to help with the shipping process. Purchasing these packing items for your company can greatly improve the way you prepare shipments. When launching a product for your company, customer satisfaction typically begins at the shipping process and being professionally prepared can make all the difference.

1. Case Sealer

Taping individual boxes could take up hours of your time and delay the shipping process. There's no need to manually tape boxes when you have the option of purchasing a case sealer.

A case sealer can handle multiple types of boxes and provide instant taping results for the seams of the box. A job that could take 30 seconds or more is reduced to under 5 minutes. This process is repeated for multiple boxes, giving you the chance to speed through all types of orders, which can help cut down on shipping prep time and allow your product launch to reach customers as quickly as possible.

2. Peanut Hopper

As you prepare to launch a new product and mail out orders to customers, you want to make sure that the product does not get damaged or wrecked in any way.
While preparing the package, there are numerous ways to protect your items. For instance, you may want to consider the purchase of a Peanut Hopper. This device is a packing tool that can easily help fill boxes with protective packing peanuts.
Packing peanuts are an ideal way to provide cushioning for items, especially when products can break or may be oddly shaped. The peanuts are also ideal for protecting against sensitive materials like glass.
When using a peanut hopper, the box with the product slides underneath the large hopper. On the bottom of the hopper is a small opening where peanut is distributed evenly into the box. The process takes just seconds to fill a box and is really helpful when filling up large packages.

3. Air Bag Machines

As an alternative to the peanut hopper, your company may consider using an air bag machine to pack and send items in. Air bags are lightweight protectors which can offer security while not increasing the package weight and costs dramatically.

Purchasing pre-made air bags can take up a lot of space in your business or warehouse. Using an air bag machine can provide you with a cushioned product protector while saving a ton of space.

With a flip of a switch, flattened bags can process through the machine, fill with air, and come down a small shoot. All of the bags are connected so it's to slip them into a box without them going in multiple directions.

The air bags can be used multiple ways while packing. They can act as a bottom layer underneath a product. The bags can also completely surround a product. If the product has multiple parts or multiple products are packaged together, then the air bags can act as a separator. You can easily make quite a few air bags in a matter of seconds when using an air bag machine.

Shop for your company's packaging products at Mailender. We have all types of equipment and accessories to cater to your needs and make sure packages get prepped and shipped in a speedy manner.


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