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Dart’s Innovative Styrofoam Recycling Program
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Eco-conscious restaurant owners are reluctant to use products that end up in a landfill after a quick trip from kitchen to table; particularly if those same products don’t break down over time and will still be in near-perfect condition a thousand years later.

Cost and function are equally—if not more—important considerations for any business owner, which is why despite being vilified as eternal landfill flotsam, many restaurants still use Styrofoam for it’s low price and excellent insulating properties. But there’s good news that could assuage any green guilt the environmentally minded restaurateur might harbor.

Styrofoam is recyclable.

One aspect of the Dart CARE program (which stands for “Cups Are REcyclable”) is to get the word out about the recyclability of Styrofoam products. Another is to help large operators using foam food service product separate the foam from other products, consolidate the collected material and arrange to have it recycled. The recycled Styrofoam can be turned into insulation, plastic lumber and many other products.

To do this, DART provides CARE participants with foam collection devices and educational posters, brochures and table toppers to let customers know about the program and its benefits.

Styrofoam typically requires about one third less energy to produce than a similar coated paper cup with a corrugated paper sleeve. It also produces less than half the waste by weight of a paper cup. Because of the superior insulating properties, foam cups don’t require "double cupping," or use of a corrugated cup sleeve. Additionally, Dart doesn’t use CFCs, which are particularly harmful to the environment, in the manufacturing of their products.

The CARE program is just one of a number of green solutions by Dart, a company committed to doing all they can for the environment while still bringing you high quality, affordable products.

Contact Dart representatives to find out more about the Dart CARE program. (

Dart is just one of a number of ecologically responsible products we carry at Mailender. Like Dart, we are committed to a sustainable future that includes high quality products at a great value.

You can see our entire inventory of supplies HERE. Contact us today to talk to one of our highly trained representatives about our more than 8100 products.


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