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Purchasing Janitorial Supplies
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Managing Your Budget and Environmental Concerns

Companies today have a greater range of concerns when purchasing janitorial supplies than any other time in history. A few generations ago, business owners would be unlikely to give a second thought to which cleaners were used as long as everything was sanitary. Conversely, while today’s business owners still have to consider a product’s effectiveness, now they also have to figure in cost and environmental impact.

Keeping your office, healthcare, foodservice or educational environment clean is a bigger production than handing your assistant a bottle of glass cleaner and a rag. There are entryways, bathrooms, trash cans and workstations to keep presentable. In order to keep your janitorial supply budget on track, it pays to be organized. Some basic supplies that nearly every institution needs to manage sanitation include:

Can Liners
Roll Towels
Washroom Cleaners
Floor Cleaners      
Carpet Cleaners      
Mop and Mop Bucket
Floor Mats  

Start with this list and then consider your business’s individualized needs. Make a note of how quickly each item needs to be replenished. This simple system can help you create a buying schedule that matches your budget.

Beyond cost, businesses have a new, equally pressing concern about workplace hygiene, which intersects their supply budgets: environmental awareness. Environmentally friendly supplies are products made with plant-based chemicals that break down easily and quickly into benign components that can be re-absorbed into the ecosystem without consequences.

One way to determine if a product lives up to your environmental standards is to look for a Green Seal. If a product earns Green Seal certification you can be sure that the ingredients are vetted for environmental safety.

Another quality to look for is low VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds, which contribute to indoor air pollution. Not only are VOC’s environmentally harmful, they may also contribute to adverse health issues including asthma, respiratory problems and even certain types of cancers.

Careful planning and a simple but organized system, can keep your janitorial supply needs in line with your budget and your environmental standards.


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