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Upgrades that Instantly Change Overall Client Perception
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Spring traditionally brings about thoughts regarding new beginnings, positive changes and all the potential of a new year. If improving the impression your facilities give visitors and clients tops your business resolutions list, consider a few key upgrades this year.


The state of a commercial building’s restrooms heavily influences how visitors and clients view the businesses in residence. According to a 2014 Contracting Profits survey of facility executives, more than half of respondents indicated that clean and stoked restrooms are top the list of cleanliness priorities.

But if your building is part of the A-list, setting an upscale atmosphere takes more than keeping things clean. Clients will expect top-of-the-line dispensers and equipment, pleasant smells and even music.

Entry Areas

What do visitors see when they first enter your facility? Is the first impression a pleasant one or do they wish they had scheduled a videoconference instead? Always replace worn carpet or damaged flooring promptly. Make sure your staff has the equipment they need to keep entryways clean and easy to navigate. If your facility is clean, well cared for but still dull, consider aesthetic improvements with artwork or live flora.


Old elevators can have a lot of charm, unless they are slow, rickety or unreliable. Start your decision making process on this point by consulting the National Elevator Code: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, A17.1 (ASME A17.1), published every three years. Once you’ve determined how these rules will affect your plans, consult a designer and engineer regarding upgrades or replacements.


Even if the windows in your building can still keep the elements outside, they may not be doing a very good job of it. If visitors and clients feel pursued by the artic wind as they move through your building, it may be time to upgrade. This requires a large initial investment, but it’s one that will pay off in the end. High efficiency windows can make rooms more comfortable instantly and drastically cut energy bills.

Mailender offers thousands of products to help keep your facility running perfectly. Contact our team today to discuss all the ways we can help your business turn over a new leaf in 2015.


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