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Going Green: Trend or Change?
Posted By:  Charlene Hegge
Thursday, October 13, 2016

Over the past several years, we’ve seen the world “go green” with everything from cars to deodorant. Janitorial products are no exception, with green friendly cleaning supplies increasing in demand and production. While many consumers are shifting their buying habits, others are waiting to see if the hype will last.

Consider Sustainability
This term is used so often in eco-friendly circles that its meaning has become obscured. When a company is making a product, it’s prudent to consider if the resources available to make that product today will be available in the following weeks, months, and years. If the resources won’t be available, a smart decision would be to consider alternatives. Palm oil, for example, is often refined for use in soaps and cleaning products, but it may not be readily available for long. Palm oil harvesting has resulted in the deforestation and threats to some of the planet’s most sensitive habitats, leading green friendly suppliers to look for alternative ingredients that will dependably sustain their product lines.

Consider the Investment
We often have heard that going green is more expensive. However, companies with their eye on the bottom line can see that not making environmentally conscientious choices is costing even more. As the costs of limited resources such as fossil fuels continues to climb, investing in renewable resources will pay off over time. Globally, corporations and countries are investing in renewable energy and creating mandates that will affect future generations.

Change is Inevitable
Like it or not, the green movement is only beginning. What may have started as a trend has gained momentum, creating ripples of change around the world. Fortunately, Mailender is prepared with a wide variety of green friendly cleaning supplies to keep you on the cutting edge of sustainability. Contact us to discuss of our high quality products will work for your company.


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