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How to Pick a Supplier of Janitorial Equipment
Posted By:  Mailender Team
Friday, October 6, 2017

How to Pick a Supplier for Your Janitorial Company
When running a janitorial company, choosing the right supplier is extremely important because it's your company's supplier that will make sure your employees have the equipment and supplies they need to do their jobs. If you're launching a new janitorial company, these questions will help you identify which supplier will best meet your company's needs.

Do You Carry Green Cleaning Products?

Even if your janitorial company doesn’t specialize in green cleaning, you'll still want to find a supplier that has green cleaning products available.
Harsh chemicals may not be permitted in certain situations, and some clients might only consider a janitorial company that offers environmentally friendly services. You don't want to turn down any potential business — especially when your company is first starting out — because you don't have environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

In many cases, suppliers will charge more for green cleaning products because these products cost more to acquire. You can pass on this extra cost to customers who want your company to use environmentally friendly products. Thus, the price of these products doesn’t have to be your number one concern, their availability, however, is important.

What Are Your Delivery Fees?

Suppliers may set their product costs any number of ways, but delivery fees tend to be assessed in a more uniform way.

Most suppliers will require you to pay the delivery fee. Because suppliers have to pay delivery companies, there aren't many additional ways for suppliers to lower their delivery fees, which is why you’ll be asked to pay at least a portion.

However, this doesn't mean that suppliers have the same delivery fees. Costs for shipping goods depends on where the products are being shipped to and from. Thus, two suppliers might have vastly different delivery fees for the same order if they're located different distances from your company's headquarters.

You'll need to know what a suppliers delivery fees are so you can budget for them, and also so you can find the most affordable option. Some janitorial companies, particularly liquid supplies, use the weight of the shipment to determine price, which means they often cost a significant amount to ship. Even a small reduction in delivery fees can add up to a significant amount after several large deliveries.

Do You Have Peak Seasons When Order Fulfillment Slows?

As you know, the janitorial industry is fairly constant year round, but a supplier that carries janitorial supplies might also work with other businesses that are more seasonal. For example, a supplier who also carries packaging products might see an increase in orders from retailers leading up to the holiday season.
If a retailer sees an increase in other orders during a busy time of year, make sure they'll still be able to ship your company's orders in a timely manner when business picks up. Most suppliers will be able to, but you need to ask this question so that you don't find out when you go to place an order that shipment will be delayed.

What Are Your Quantity Discounts?

Suppliers usually have quantity discounts. These are the points where they'll offer a discount for ordering a certain quantity of products.

As you look for a supplier, seek out a supplier that doesn’t require you buy too much of a product to get the discount — that way, even if your needs change, you’ll still be eligible for it. Additionally, there are some supplies you'll only need a few containers of. You'll want to be able to get a discount when purchasing just a few units since you probably won't need thousands of gallons of one particular product.

If your company needs janitorial supplies, contact us at Mailender.


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