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Increase Your Customer Satisfaction With Efficient Takeout
Posted By:  Mailender Team
Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction With Efficient TakeoutIf you run a restaurant, as many Mailender clients do, you have to consider the needs of your customers who want takeout. About one-third of all consumers consider access to restaurant takeout-out a vital part of their day-to-day lives, making this a thriving market.

Keep your takeout customers satisfied to keep them coming back. The following tips will help you make the takeout experience better for your customers.

Make Thoughtful Takeout Container Decisions

Remember that your packaging is an extension of your brand's reputation, and 10 percent of consumers base their approval of a restaurant on the quality of the packaging their takeout dishes are served in. The best way to garner their approval is to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and aim to select containers that take into consideration the food they house.

Take an order for a side salad and steak, for example. For salads, paper-based packaging options are convenient and durable. However, steaks are heavier and contain a fair amount of grease. The weight of the food and the grease saturation can lessen the integrity of the paper packaging, making it prone to failure.
Aluminum or plastic options would better serve this need. If customers have their food spill because of poor packaging, it's safe to speculate they won't be returning anytime soon, so rely on a variety of containers. Mailender offers a series of container options to meet all your needs, so be sure to check out our website and see what you can work with.

Make the Process Convenient

Having fresh, healthy and tasty offerings on the menu is important, but for some consumers, convenience is the biggest factor. Just shy of half of all millennials rate easy access higher than cuisine when choosing a restaurant, meaning they would be more willing to sacrifice the greatest meal they've ever enjoyed for an option that is simply more accessible.

If a customer must go through the same process for takeout as they would for dining in, it defeats the purpose. Create a process that is entirely separate from the dine-in services you offer. If space permits, establish a separate entrance or station for picking up and paying for these orders and assign a team member to process these orders.

This type of setup doesn't slow down the production wheel for in-house guests and makes the experience more convenient for takeout patrons.

Offer Online Ordering

About 77 percent of all Americans own a smartphone. If you meet the population where they are and tap into the world of online ordering, you can boost revenue by 30%. Online ordering falls in line with the goal of greater convenience.

Whether it's a parent looking to place an order for dinner while attending their child's soccer practice or a single person on the subway heading home from work, the ability to place an order from a smartphone comes with less hassle than calling up the restaurant directly. In addition to the convenience component, online ordering is more efficient than telephone ordering.

With phone orders, there is a substantial margin of error. Noise in the background or a poor connection distorts hearing, and a server can easily write down an order incorrectly, leading to a dissatisfied customer. Online ordering puts the control in the customers' hands and eliminates these worries.

The restaurant business is very competitive, with a record number of establishments closing every year. While many factors go into the success formula, a critical component is customer satisfaction. Constantly look for ways to improve the experience of takeout, and dine-in, customers to improve your chances of success.

For janitorial and packaging products perfect for your restaurant’s needs, reach out to Mailender today.


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