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Preparing for the Worst Winter Might Deliver
Posted By:  Stuart Kunkler
Monday, October 10, 2016


Walking from your car to the office this morning, it may not have felt at all like winter. But you know it’s out there. And if climate change has taught us anything it’s that we the only the thing we can expect from winter weather is to be unpleasantly surprised.

If you’re in charge of preparing for the worst of what winter can throw at your school, apartment complex, office building, or manufacturing facility, then you know: now is the time to start planning.

Meet with Custodial Crew and Contact your Mailender Reps

October is the perfect month to set up a meeting with your building’s custodial and grounds keeping crew to go over wintertime needs and what measures they can take to protect employees, tenants, students, and visitors from slip-and-fall accidents. Planning at this stage will give you a chance to make sure equipment is functioning properly, your set on de-icing supplies, and that interior and exterior mats are ready for another wet and slippery season.

1.     Start Outside

Walk the parking lot and perimeter of the building. Check sidewalks, driveways, walkways, and parking lots for problem areas that need to be addressed before the snow starts to fall.

2.     Check your safety cone supply

If asphalt problems do develop during the winter as a result of freezing and cracking, mark them quickly to prevent accidents.

3.    Look for places that can harbor black ice

During the winter, moisture can well up in low points on asphalt and sidewalks and freeze, creating an almost invisible icy surface called “black ice.” These areas are particularly dangerous because walkers and drivers can’t see them and don’t know to adjust their speed as they approach.

4.     Order adequate supplies of ice melt

Your Mailender sales representative can help you decide which type and the amount of ice melt you should have on hand for your particular property. If you’re interested in doing your part to combat global warming while still protecting your staff, visitors, students, and tenants, consider a “green” ice melt that has been certified by the EPA’s Safer Choice program.

5.     Check outdoor lighting

You can prevent plenty of accidents simply by providing adequate lighting—particularly during stormy winter weather.

6.     Moving from the Outside In

This is also a great time to consider the lobby and entrance floors of your facility. Have all the entry floors refinished now to give them some protection against dirt and grit that’s bound to travel into the building on work boots, snow boots, and even high heeled shoes. Wait too long to refinish floors and you’ll lengthen the amount of time it takes to dry—or you’ll miss the temperature window entirely and have to wait until next, hoping for the least amount of damage in the interim.

7.     Bring out (or Replace) the Mats

Interior and exterior floor mats will prevent slips and falls as well as serve as a place for dirt, grit, ice melt, and snow to collect before getting tracked through the building.

Give Mailender a call for whatever you need to keep your facility in top condition this winter. Our experienced sales staff can make the best decisions for your building while always respecting your company’s budget. 


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